Quality assurance

test facilities

The various raw materials, semi-finished and finished products we use are tested under our own supervision. We can test materials ranging from fine yarns to fibre ropes weighing up to 100 tons with our test equipment in Oudewater, and up to 1,400 tons at other Hendrik Veder Group plants.

This equipment consists of various draw-benches, from smaller yarn draw-benches to the heaviest draw-bench equipped especially for testing fibre rope. This allows for testing fibre rope without end links. Thus, the strength can be measured precisely. A specialised computer program is used for our testing equipment to allow practical situations to be simulated. This makes testing with constant or repeated loads, peak loads, impact stresses and so forth possible.

Our testing facilities are also available to third parties for use on fibre rope, cord, straps and yarns.

  Testfaciliteiten van fijne garens tot touwwerk