rope fenders

‘The finishing touch for many years of fine sailing’

Our rope fenders are entirely made out of specially manufactured double-twined fender yarns. These yarns have maximum UV protection which makes the fenders greatlyl resistant to weather influences, thus guaranteeing a long service life.

This heavy 4-strand construction with its special stranded core guarantees a very compact rope that will retain its shape for many years. This special core consists of stainless steel wire within a stranded rope, which is also made of fender yarns. The thickness of the SS wire is adjusted to the fender's diameter.

We are able to supply sizes varying from 48 mm up to 150 mm. Colours: coco, black, aluminium and black aluminium.

If required, we can also produce fenders with a knitted bowfender in any size and diameter you want. We can also supply separate bowfenders in all sizes.


Rope fenders