Mooring tails

Van der Lee can also supply nylon and composite fibre mooring tails in order to provide elasticity in a mooring system. This helps to reduce damage to wire and ropes made with Dyneema® fibres by absorbing shock loads.

Grommet construction to give higher breaking strength on request.

All of the above comply with OCIMF (MEG3) guidelines. Synthetic tails should have a MBL of at least 25% higher than that of the mooring line to which they are attached. Polyamide tails should have a 37% higher MBL than the mooring line, to take account of loss of strength when wet.




SuperLeoMix tail
Nylon tail
Diameter MBL Diameter MBL
mm t mm t
72 113.0 72 90.0
80 148.0 80 110.0
88 175.0 88 131.0
96 205.0 96 156.0