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Synthetic fibres increase the amount of options for the use of fibre rope. However, 'old-fashioned' materials and techniques are still appropriate for certain purposes. Our assortment offers both classic and moderrn solutions. Over the years, a tremendous amount of know-how in making rope according to traditional methods has been accumulated. Van der Lee, however, also always continues to innovarte. Our customer-orientated strategy provides plenty of opportunities to keep close track of and implement new ideas. A compact team of consultants is ready to combine technological options with individual requirements to create unique solutions. Our skills, services and flexibility in production guarantee ideal solutions and short delivery times.

Despite our experience in traditional methods, synthetic fibre rope led partly to our production processes being radically modernised in a short amount of time. Today, our company produces and distributes quality natural and synthetic fibre rope. In the Oudewater factory, fibre rope and high-quality specialist wire rope are produced, processed and made into final products for the offshore, shipping and defence industries. Elite units of the British Army also exclusively use Van der Lee abseil rope.

Van der Lee has been a division of Hendrik Veder Group since 2013. Via Hendrik Veder Group and its strong network, Van der Lee supplies mooring and towing ropes, stretchers, rigging rope and ropes for anchor systems to a wider range of customers than ever before.


Touwfabriek G. van der Lee

Kwaliteitstouwen van natuurlijke en synthetische vezels

Touwfabriek G. van der Lee